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AME design accomplishes printing services of very high resolution and big dimensions by using silver halide (laser digital photographic on photographic materials) technology.

The offered products are prints of an impeccable quality (a large color gamut, very fine details) obtained by using DURST LAMBDA© laser photographic technology on various support materials. These are the so-called INDOOR products because they are used especially inside stores, galleries, exhibition places, show rooms and any other places where the print is watched from a short distance and needs a special quality.

DURATRANS material (the equivalent of backlit in inkjet technology) is invincible from the point of view of its aspect and visual impact, being recommended especially for light boxes. High color density obtained by using photographic technology is incontestably better than the one obtained by means of another printing technology.

A remarkable material and relatively new on the occidental market, named “DAY AND NIGHT” (it is printed on both sides) is used especially if two types of illuminating are needed for the same image (day – front and night – backwards) and if it image must have the same density of colors both day and night. In case the image is printed only on one side, the image is too faded in the night (when illuminated from backwards) and too dark in day time (when illuminating from the front). The market we target is a very large one, from the big stores that promote their products by exposing interiorly large format posters (super and hiper-markets like CARREFOUR, METRO, CORA, SELLGROS, XXL, MEGAIMAGE, LA FOURMI, GIMA, etc) to the little stores (like those inside UNIREA, COCORUL, VICTORIA, MALL or other independent stores) where even a single stand can captivate the client if it is garnished with a good quality printing. Promoting products with the help of different types of large format posters and displays became almost compulsory for successful brands in many domains (cosmetics, perfume industry, fashion, auto, food, home appliances, etc) and it is normal that the demand in choosing image quality to be continuously growing.

A market segment wrongfully left aside is that of the photographers, professionals or amateurs, a very fancy group that hardly accepts the assimilation of a photo achieved by traditional operations (exposure and processed RA-4) with a printed image of inkjet technology. Photographers may enjoy the advantages of traditional silver halide process for obtaining photos by means of a chemical process combined with exposure digital technology of the new technology, with three RGB laser beams. We are experienced in this field and we know very well the requests and discontents and we can say that our “soul” project is to offer every artist-photographer the possibility and to present images in any kind of large format (even a non-standardized one) and in exceptional conditions also.
We also target the institutions that need archiving by reproducing documents with an unlimited life (100-200 years), replications of art works, lenticular printing (printing precision permits a perfect match of the lens layer with the print), very precise execution of maps (including images taken from satellites) with various civil and military applications.

Our products, by the specific of the used technology DO NOT target those consumers that make quality compromises. We can only print to a maximum quality of 4000dpi.

We target all printing image users with the sincere conviction that this is the end of their problems.

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