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On this page you can download the color profiles (click on the name of each material). Just scroll the page until you will find the types of materials.


Durst Lambda

DURST LAMBDA about equipment :

Exposing system patented, continuos roll to roll, three RGB lasers, continuous tone, no lenght limit.
Files supported: RGB-, CMYK- and Grayscale- TIFF and TIFF/LZW; RGB- and Grayscale- JPEG (any compresion); PostScript Level 2 and 3 (RGB, CMYK) and PDF suport.
Colors: 16,7 milion hues (input 24 bit/internal 36 bit);
Levels: 256 on each channel RGB;
Resolution: 200/400 ppi real with “on the fly” interpolation. Because of continuous tone the apparently resolution of 4000 dpi.
RIP: Cheetah –Durst Dice America
Speed: 200/400 ppi aproximative 60 cm/minute (44sqm/h)
Laser: red, green, blue
Printing width: 1.27m (50 inch)
Printing lenght: Depend of the lenght of the roll
Operating system UNIX


Type of materials (download color profiles):

– paper ( deep-matte, matte, glossy, canvas, metallic)
duratrans known also as backlit (for light boxes with translucent surfaces)

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