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AME design came as the result of a wish. The wish to create something unique: a high quality printing company, capable of bringing great changes both to the market of producers of digital photo printing at high resolutions in Romania, and to the consumer market of such products. These consumers were kept away from this type of large format printing and high resolution, usually named INDOOR printing, of a very high quality and a good price, obtained in a very short time.

After years of experience in advertising production field, especially in large format prints, we considered it is high time for us to bring a new idea oriented to the large format INDOOR prints.
Bringing this new equipment DURST LAMBDA©, a top level technology in the world, resolves many problems resulted when inkjet technology was used for large format and high resolution prints: visible banding, accidental disappearing of certain colors from the printed image because of drying printing heads, low printing speed, high production prices for maximum quality. Details

We target both photographers’ market – extremely fancy, accepting with difficulty the assimilation of a photo with a printed image in inkjet technology – and advertising market with great expectations in accomplishing an impeccable printing of large formats, with color stability and repetition for the same image printed at great intervals of time, with a large color gamut (RGB gamut is greater than CMYK gamut) and that may reproduce exactly the wanted brand colors.

High printing speed (over 45 sqm/h for 4000 dpi!) represents an advantage for the clients for which “yesterday was too late”, knowing very well that they want to have the product very quickly.

We don’t forget that, in many situations, the price represents the decisive factor in choosing a product. The price of a printing in this technology, equals or is smaller than the one in high resolution inkjet technology.

And if you are not convinced that we have all the advantages: supremacy in printing quality, very high speed in execution and good price, we do not have other possibility to convince you but a visit to our headquarters in order to offer you the information you need, including a sample with the image you want, specific for your company activity or for your client’s company profile.

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